Asbestos Inspections

Is there asbestos in your home or a building you intend to purchase? Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was used in the manufacture of many building products manufactured in Australia prior to 1990.

When in good condition and left undisturbed, bonded asbestos products don't pose any significant health or safety risk, but loose or broken material containing asbestos can cause air contamination which may potentially cause a deadly health risk.

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Asbestos Identification

  • Asbestos identification

  • Sampling and lab testing

  • Report and risk analysis

Where is Asbestos Found?

An inspection by an appropriately qualified and experienced building professional should be used to confirm if asbestos is present within a building. The following is a list of places asbestos is commonly found in older Australian homes;

  • Fibre cement sheeting
  • Fibre cement packing and cap materials under structural supports and roof tiles
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Compressed fibre cement sheet floors
  •  Corrugated roof sheets
  • Sealants to movement joints and air condition duct work
  • Roof membranes
  • Moulded cement water pipes
  • Moulded asbestos lining to telephone pits
  • Molded cistern tanks
  • Pipe Lagging
  • Heater and boiler insulation
  • Flange gaskets to pipes
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Insulation and sheeting to fire doors
  • Electrical backing boards
  • Spandrel panels underneath windows
  • Spray applied fire rating material to ceiling and structural beams
  • Sound dampener underneath the kitchen sink
  • Window putty
  • Pointing work between brickwork
  • Millboard insulation to air conditioning reheating elements

The presence of asbestos cannot be confirmed by a visual inspection alone.

Danger Sign Asbestos

Samples of the suspected material must be collected and sent to a registered asbestos testing laboratory for further analysis.

If a suspected material is not submitted for testing, then the material will be presumed to contain asbestos.

INSPECTRITE have who are properly qualified and well experienced in asbestos identification, and we will be happy to include asbestos identification and reporting with any building inspection if requested, or as a stand alone service clients.

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