Electrical Safety Inspections

  • Pre-Purchase And General Safety Inspections

  • Conducted By Fully Licensed Electrical Contractors

  • Wiring Safety And Compliance Checked

  • Peace Of Mind For You And Your Family

An electrical Home Safety Inspection is an inspection of the condition of an existing domestic electrical installation, to identify any electrical safety concerns or deficiencies against the Australian Standards, Electrical Installations Regulations and the Wiring Rules.

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An electrical safety inspection will:

  • Reveal if any electrical circuits or equipment is overloaded

  • Find any potential electrical hazards in the electrical installation

  • Identify any defective “do it yourself” electrical work

  • Highlight any lack of earthing or bonding

Why & When you Need an Inspection

Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. You should get an inspection to ensure that your electrical installation is safe. It is recommended that you get an inspection:

  • if the property is more than 25 years old

  • if the wiring is old

  • if you have concerns about installed equipment

  • every 5 years

  • prior to selling a property or when buying a previously occupied property

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