Pre-Purchase Inspection

INSPECTRITE provides clients with easy to read reports which detail the findings of pest and building inspections conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 4349.

The Building Inspection identifies major defects within the building, and some types of minor defects.

The Timber Pest Inspection includes the location and identification of termites and borers, as well as the identification of any prior significant timber pest activity.


Major & Minor Defects

Major defects are those that need repair to stop unsafe conditions, loss of use or further damage to the building. They are most often structural in nature, or can relate to weatherproofing or safety issues. 

Some types of minor defects are also included within the report. These are generally defects that are not typical for an ordinarily maintained building of similar age and type, or any which require special technical skill or expertise to recognise. 

Where damage from previous timber pest activity requires repair, it is noted within the report. 

All of our inspectors are equipped with thermal imaging and microwave scanning equipment, which is used to supplement the inspection wherever it's useful and practical.

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